Surveys that Pay or Award Prizes

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There are many survey sites out there that will pay you for your opinion. I have just started taking several surveys from many different survey sites. Some of these surveys are actually fun to take, and some of them may even lead to an invitation to a focus group or to try out a new product for them.

I am very excited for the possibilities of these survey sites and what they have to offer. Many will reward you with cash and many will reward you with gift cards or prizes that you can redeem. How great is it to get paid to give your opinion! Here are a few of the great survey sites out there:

  • You Gov Polling Point – give your political opinion. Sign up and automatically be give 1,000 points. This is a PRIZE only survey site. Prizes start at 17,500 and up.
  • Global Test Market– surveys are mostly about movies, restaurants, automobile, consumer products, current events, many other topics. You receive money for every survey that you take even if you don’t qualify. You can CASH out once you receive 1,000 points for $50 dollars.
  • Opinion Outpost– different types of surveys are available. You can either use your points to redeem a Gift Card or CASH it out for a check. 10 pts. are equal to $1.00. You can cash out or redeem a gift card once you have 50 pts. which is $50.00.
  • Zoom Panel – lots of surveys available to take, and they usually will give a bunch at a time. You can redeem your points for PRIZES. They have a large assortment of prizes available. Surveys are usually about 50 to 150 pts. a piece.

These are just a few of the many, many survey sites out their. To check which ones are the reliable ones check out the following sites. Survey Police, Don’t Waste Your’s White List and also check out Slick Deals survey forum thread. Please let me know your thoughts on the sites provided. Thank You.

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  1. October 4, 2009

    mint green with envy , i liked this , go on .

  2. October 9, 2009

    Thank You!