One winner will receive all 3 of these fabulous prizes!

Got A Penny Stud Earrings

Description from Lychee Kiss Etsy Shop:
Nope…but I have some penny stud earrings…will they help? These are adorable stud earrings that look like real copper coins. Made of antique copper brass and attached with sterling silver ear posts and earnuts, these cuties pay homage to one of our greatest Presidents. By the way, did you know Abraham Lincoln’s birthday was Feb 12th?

Measurement: 6mm diameter, 11mm depth.

Seaside Coral Branch Bracelet

Description from Lychee Kiss Etsy Shop:
f you love under the sea marine scene, this item has the element of shore, sea, and foaming surf. Pearls and coral represent under the sea and breaking the surf. Light brown cord denotes the color of sand.

1 – 24mm diameter matte silver-plated round coral branch charm.
1 – 3mm double-tied light brown waxed cotton cord.
5 – oval freshwater white pearls.
5 – round coral beads in salmon.
1 – aqua chalcedony faceted briolette
All components are matte silver brass-plated.

Total length: 7.5″
Measurement from Pearls to coral beads is about 60mm.

 A mother sparrow guarding her clutch of eggs, this nature scene will please any bird enthusiast or nature lover. This is a bird’s nest on a branch bracelet, fastened with grey waxed cotton cord. You can choose gold or silver.

Double-tie waxed cotton cord in dark grey.
1- 30mm X 17mm matted 16K gold-plated bird on branch charm. 
1- nest with 3 freshwater pearls upon gold wire.

Measurement is 7.5″

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