The Muppet Movie.. A Fun, Heartwarming Holiday Movie!

Watching The Muppet Show as a child always held a sort of magic and entertainment value that I will always  remember and treasure.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to see the screening and attend the press conference for the movie The Muppets.
I have seen all The Muppet Movies and have always found them fun to watch and filled with loads of laughs.  So, I was super excited to see the new movie The Muppets, especially since there has been a big break between movies. 
I was not disappointed, this movie is the greatest of them all.  I laughed through the entire movie, the story line held your attention and was a great way to introduce the world of The Muppets to those who are unfamiliar with them while bringing back the magic for those who grew up watching them.
I loved seeing Amy Adams and Jason Segal in this film.  They characters were comedy in themselves.  I loved watching them dance and sing and felt they brought so much warmth and fun to this movie.  There were so many famous cameo appearances in this film also.   It was great seeing so many famous stars pop up in small roles throughout the film.
The new Muppet Walter is so cute.  You really feel for him and his excitement to meet The Muppets.  His insecurities are endearing and his character is a great addition to The Muppets.
I was so happy to see the whole gang again. It brought back so many childhood memories. 
The soundtrack for this movie was also very well put together.  There were many new songs, and some of the old familiar Muppet songs we grew up listening to.
If you have not seen this film yet, what are you waiting for?  You will not be disappointed.

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