Over the years I have tried many different kinds of mints; spearmint, peppermint, winter green, winter fresh, fresh mint, butter mint, just to name a few. Recently Ice Breakers has come out with a new kind of mint, a combination of fruit and mint that gives a whole new flavor associated with mint.

 Ice Breakers Duo® Raspberry Mints, have the great taste of Raspberry with a very subtle flavor of mint.  The raspberry flavor is a little more powerful and makes the combination just right.  My kids and I love this flavor and have very quickly gone through the mints that were provided for us to review.

 Ice Breakers Duo® Strawberry Mints are also a great combination, with mint and strawberry.  These Duo mints have to different textured sides, one that is smooth and minty with little strawberry flavor crystals throughout.  The other side is fun with it’s bumpy texture of strawberry flavor.

I love the fact that these, like other Icebreaker mints, have a “to share” and a ” not to share” on each side of the package.  

If you have not tried these mints, why not go out and try them.  I would love to  hear your thoughts on these new mints.

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