Environmentally Friendly Cleaner for Industrial Equipment

Ever wonder how Factories and Industrial Businesses keep their equipment clean? I use to work at a Dental Equipment facility that made dental chairs, air compressors, and vacuums for dental offices. It is not easy task keeping everything in good working order and keeping their products and their production equipment squeaky clean.

 Special cleaners must be used on certain materials or they may run the risk of rust, or erosion and other factors. Using a dry ice blasting rental or other special cleaning products help with this tedious task.

 As technology improves so should the process of cleaning equipment and work areas. Using special cleaning products such as the one mentioned above could help improve production.

 How you may ask? The method of dry ice blasting does not use glass, sand, or plastic as an abrasive agent. Dry ice vaporizes instantly when it reaches a surface. No residues or other chemicals are left behind. No waste products, how great is that?

 Another plus side, is that you can clean your equipment while it’s still in use. This allows for no slow down in production times! Want to clean soft aluminum, nickel, or chromium? This product is so gentle that it leaves no scratches or damage when cleaning. No more having to use scrapers and steel brushes which are a thing of the past. All you need is a dry ice blasting machine.

 Environmentally conscience companies that are looking for a product that is non-toxic and produces no hazardous fumes should look no further. Did you know that high pressure cleaners create polluted drain water? With dry ice you get no polluted water because it vaporizes on contact.

 I love learning about new environmentally friendly products. After reading about this dry ice blasting method I hope more companies will take the time, Have a look and send in your comments.


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