Beach House

It’s likely that the first thing you’ll notice as you walk up to the restaurant cutely named ”Beach House At Lover’s Point” in Pacific Grove is the sound of waves breaking just on the other side of the building.  But the friendly locals may make getting inside a bit of a challenge.  In my case it was a charming lady with whom I struck up a friendly conversation at the door which then led to an impromptu “Contra Dance” lesson right in front of the entrance.  That sort of thing can come in handy for working up an appetite.  Upon entering you’re immediately greeted with a pleasant, casual, atmosphere.

The restaurant offers a nice patio that overlooks Lovers Point State Marine Reserve.  Now don’t worry, you don’t have to sit outside, especially on a chilly evening, to enjoy that view.  The large windows offer plenty of views to enjoy along with your meal.  Our attentive server, Jamaiza, saw to our every need and expertly recited the culinary offerings for the night as overseen by Chef Mathew Farmer.  We enjoyed a refreshing Chilled Castroville Artichoke with tomato remoulade mayonnaise appetizer.  The artichoke was tangy and was very nicely complimented by the tomato remoulade mayonnaise.  However, if you aren’t a fan of seafood, it’s worth noting that the mayonnaise does have a seafood flavor.  But never fear, the artichoke is just fine all by itself.  For dinner I enjoyed a light Caesar Salad that doesn’t skimp on the fresh anchovies.  The main course was grilled chicken rigatoni & basil cream so it’s a good thing I did a little dancing before dinner  ; ).

My MGwE teammate enjoyed a cup of salmon & corn chowder soup that was hearty and not overpowering.  It’s just too bad that the thermometer hadn’t dipped a little lower because that would’ve really put this dish way over the top.  His main course was clams & linguine with roasted garlic olive oil.  If you’re a fan of garlicky pasta this is DEFINITELY the dish for you.  The clams are cooked just right so there’s none of that chewiness you might otherwise run into.  The dish as a whole has a medley of seasonings that come together to produce a creamy flavor with just the right amount of “zing” from the garlic and herbs.  The portions are generous so make sure you’re hungry when you come for dinner.

We enjoyed cocktails which included a 2013 Nacina Riesling.  It was delicate & sweet and complimented the meal very nicely.  My partner went with something a little stronger and enjoyed an “Old Fashioned,” which packed a nice punch but was well shy of a knockout and did not want for flavor.  For dessert we split a cool chocolate/coffee mudpie that was rich and flavorful.  The combination of coffee and chocolate teamed up perfectly for a lovely dessert experience, just make sure you save room for dessert so you don’t miss out.  Overall the restaurant offers a nice and intimate dining experience where you won’t find yourself needing to yell across the table in order to be heard.  The staff delivers prompt service and makes it a point to get your order precise.

If you’re looking for a nice place to celebrate an anniversary or if you’re looking to impress someone special you might want to give Beach House at Lover’s Point a look.  The restaurant is conveniently located right next to Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, which offers a great opportunity to stretch your legs after enjoying a romantic meal.  And the sights it offers are perfect for keeping those romantic flames burning.  Maybe you’ll take time to enjoy a romantic kiss amongst the sounds of waves crashing against rocks just a few yards away.  All in all, Beach House at Lover’s Point offers a great opportunity for you to enjoy, be happy, and live the kind of life that makes the world Mint Green with Envy.


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