The Emotion Code: My Healing Journey – Part 1

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“Because of the human tendency to perpetuate old emotion, almost everyone carries in his or her energy field an accumulation of old emotional pain, which I call the pain-body”.  Eckhart Tolle introduced me to a whole new way of thinking 4 years ago.  Little did I know then how his books and philosophical teachings would change my life. Tolle states that “Any negative emotion that is not fully faced and seen for what it is in that moment that it arises does not completely dissolve. It leaves behind a remnant.”    Did you know that there is a way to release these remnants and emotions that Tolle talks of?

I was introduced to the Emotion Code through a very good friend of mine.  He knew that I’ve been experiencing health issues and suggested that I contact Emily who does emotional healing work through a process of removing emotional blocks that are trapped within your body.  I was intrigued and gave Emily a call.  Although, I had this health issue and experiencing severe pain on daily basis.  I was more curious if she could help me remove pain from a current heartbreak.  Even though the breakup had occurred a few months before, the lingering emotions caused by on and off contact with my ex really did a number on me.  At the time I had talked to Emily I was unable to sleep or eat much of anything.  

After explaining the situation to Emily, she said that healing a heartbreak was definitely something that the Emotion Code could help with.  She explained that many of us start accumulating what is called a “heart-wall” that is built up of trapped or unprocessed emotions from our past.  The “heart-wall” prevents us from healing from breakups in an effective way.  She mentioned that she had worked with a previous client that removed her “heart-wall” by eliminating all the trapped emotions that had built up around her heart, and within 2 months after the work done with Emily she had healed from her heartbreak and had quickly met someone amazing. 

This sounded wonderful to me.   I was ready to experience exactly what her previous client had experienced.  I couldn’t wait to start the healing process.  

Emily and I had our first session the following week and was able to do the session via a phone call.  She asked my permission to connect with my subconscious through “proxy” meaning that she would act in my place and would do strength testing to communicate with my subconscious.  This was definitely a new experience for me, but remained curious and agreed. 

By forming a circle with her index finger and thumb on her right and hand and doing the same with the left and then interlinking the 2 she formed an interlinking chain with both of her hands that she could pull on.  If the subconscious was saying yes to a question the pull on the link would remain strong and not break, if the subconscious answered no then the link would be weak and break.  

Emily asked my subconscious a series of questions and was able to deduct that I had a heart-wall that was about 3 inches thick.  She started finding the trapped emotions such as insecurity, disgust and vulnerability and first asked if we needed to know more about these emotions before they could be removed.  Most of the time the answer was no, we could release these trapped emotions that were tied to a specific to certain events in my life.   A few times the answer would come back as “no”, and we needed to find out more about these emotions before they could be released.  She would ask me if I could recall when I felt this emotion.  When I recalled a time that I felt I experienced those emotions she would then ask my subconscious if that was the correct event that triggered those emotions.  For the most part, the event that I recalled was correct.  If the event was not correct, she would ask if would could go ahead and release the emotion without having to know more.  The response was yes.

Once the body reached it’s limit for processing these emotions we stopped for the day.  Emily asked my subconscious how much heart-wall was left and the answer was 2.7 inches.  We had a little ways to go to break down my heart-wall and was told that it would take me 3 days to process these emotions fully.

Most of the time these emotions get processed without any side effects.  Every so often, the emotions that are being released will vibrate through the body as they are being released and you may feel some residual effects from those emotions being processed. Emily felt I would not have any side effects from this processing.

The next day following my session with Emily my emotions were at an all time high and the following day I had a migraine that would not go away.  I contacted Emily via text to ask if I was experiencing these symptoms due to processing the emotions she had released.  She asked if she had my permission to test me.  I gave her the permission and a few hours later she responded that the symptoms were not due to processing but due to a Will to Do Energy ( This can become trapped anytime someone longs for death/or to be done with their current experience.)  I definitely was not longing for death, so I knew it had to be that I was ready to be done with my current experience.  She also found 2 energetic weapons (energetic manifestations of negative thoughts towards someone) one of them was negative thoughts towards myself.  She released all of these energies and said that my head should feel different now.

Right after I received her text, my headache was GONE!  Incredible! I could not believe this had actually worked.  I was still skeptical but it was hard to deny as I was seeing actual results for myself.

My next session with Emily progressed much the same as the first.  We were able to release many more emotions and at the end of the session we asked if there was anymore heart-wall left and the answer came as “no”.  Emily said sometimes when the body has reached it’s limit for processing anything you ask the subconscious will come in the answer of a no. 

After this session, again I was feeling very emotional and felt a lot of sadness. I texted Emily again, asking if this was normal.   She responded saying that I was processing very well and efficiently and that she didn’t think that the emotions I was experiencing had to do with the releasing.  She told me that my system was less numb now and that I was feeling my feelings.  She said that my system may need more help processing these emotions.

She recommended that I do any of the following:

  • take a 10 min walk in nature
  • pray
  • write down the sadness that I was feeling, immediately followed by 20 things that I’m grateful for (then throw the paper away with the sadness on it.)
  • singing a praise song
  • laughing

Even though the last session my subconscious had said I had no more heart-wall, It was evident in the 3rd session that I still had heart-wall to remove. Before our session I mentioned that I was having a sore throat.  Emily said a sore throat can sometimes be from the energy of needing to speak out.  She recommended going out to the mountains and screaming out what I had been keeping inside of me. 

As we started release emotions in this session, I discovered that I had “inherited emotions” that needed to be released.  Inherited emotions are energetic baggage that we inherited from our parents at birth. We release emotions of worry and betrayal and found that I had a trauma energy – it was a physical trauma energy tied to my memories.  

Emily went on to say that it caused a circuit imbalance of my uterus. (This was my original medical issue I had meant to work with Emily on, but decided to work on the heartbreak instead.)   She said that this circuit imbalance was very imbalanced that it was causing me much discomfort in my back.  ( I was and am having pain in my back on a daily basis.)  This seemed to resonate with me a lot. 

She dug in deeper to the problem by asking the subconscious what the circuit imbalance was caused by. We found that it was caused by an idea allergy (negativity gets attached to an idea and creates an aversion to an idea which creates an allergy.)  My allergy was to Love.  My subconscious was telling her that I had negativity of being worthy of love.  When she tried to release this allergy, there was something blocking the release.

I had an emotional resonance – ringing through my whole body like a gong.  She asked if we could release this resonance and the answer was that the body had already started to release this resonance.  

The 2nd thing that was causing my circuit imbalance was an “Addictive Heart Energy” caused by the emotion of “disgust”.  

Once these 2 issues were released, she said my uterus was happy.

This was the end of the session, the body could not take on any more processing at the moment.

Working with Emily has been a positive experience so far for me, even though initially I felt more emotional after our session. Altogether, I have felt more calm, peaceful and at ease after our sessions together.  We have more work that needs to be done, so I have yet to say if this work can fully heal symptoms but for now I am impressed with the Emotion Code and the intuitiveness that Emily seems to have when working with her clients. 

If you are interested in trying out a session for yourself, you can contact Emily at 949-478-2624.





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