Immun’Âge – Secret to the Fountain of Youth


Age is just a number, sometimes I still feel like I’m in my 20’s.  Looking in the mirror can be a different story.  Fine lines and wrinkles start to set in and it’s sometimes hard to deny that yes, I am getting older.

The Solution

Immun’Âge is a super- food supplement that was designed to offset the internal and external signs of aging as well as give the body’s immune and anti-oxidative systems a boost. 

Other Benefits:

  • Proven to combat oxidative stress (excess of free radicals), which can be caused by chronic fatigue, unbalanced lifestyles (stress, toxins, pollution, alcohol, tobacco)
  • Helps with intensive workouts (endurance, stamina and recovery)
  • Proven to help boost low immune defenses

How does it work?

Discovered more than 30 years ago, Mr. Yuki Hayashi, President of Osato International Inc., after taking a trip to the Phillipines he noticed the locals seem to hold the keys to the fountain of youth. After studying the locals he noticed a large amount of fermented papaya in their diets.  After years of testing, he discovered specific that when yeasts and traditional Japanese fermentation techniques were combined, they enhanced the fruit’s anti-oxidative power.

After hiring a team of scientist to continue in depth with this research it was discovered, two main properties of Immunage: Immunage supports the immune system (what protects us from living organisms like bacteria, viruses or parasites) and Immunage supports the antioxidative system (what protects us from the creation of free radicals following a physical, chemical or psychological attack like alcohol, tobacco, stress or anxiety).

While these two defense systems decrease with age, it is clinically proven that Immunage delays the aging process at the cellular level without side effects. This unique combination has made Immunage a one-of-a-kind antiaging food supplement. Furthermore, in 2015, Professor Ryan Dickerson et al. from Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center in Columbus discovered that Immunage increases cellular energetics (cells capacity to create energy).

Through 40 lengthy and extensive clinical trials,it was discovered that FPP helps fend off attacks stemming from our environment, whether by  increasing the protection from infections like the flu, sore throat or the cold with its immune property, or by slowing down the effect of free radicals with its antioxidative property, thus protecting from oxidative stress (excess of free radicals). “Many of the chronic ailments afflicting us as we age have multiple origins and a common factor: oxidative stress,” explains Dr. Mantello. “Immun’Âge is easily ingested and has proven to have remarkable antioxidant and immunostimulating properties.”

Immun’Âge received its first taste of fame about 15 years ago, when then-Pope John Paul II was in failing health due to Parkinson’s disease, which had deteriorated his motor function to the point where it was becoming noticeable to the general public. Coinciding with this, Professor Montagnier had a closed-door meeting with the Pope, during which he presented him with a box of Immun’Âge. A few weeks after their meeting, the bedridden Pope went on a trip to Canada, where, upon arrival, he deplaned on his own and kissed the ground. Many across Europe wondered what could be happening — were they witnessing a miracle?

No, it was simply the science of Fermented Papaya Preparation at work. Within days, the buzz grew and product began selling out across Europe to those in pursuit of “the fountain of youth.”

Today, Immun’Âge is the number-one selling food supplement in Italy, with additional distribution across Europe. Both Pope Benedict and Pope Francis also subscribe to the supplement, and it is sold at the Vatican Pharmacy, discounted to those ailing and in need. It has also drawn some of the most notable people in fashion and Hollywood, including Irina Shayk, Sharon Stone and Stefano Gabbana.  

Mint Green with Envy Review

I’ve been trying out Immunage the last couple of weeks, it comes in an easy to pour powder that I pour into my routine morning glass of water upon waking up.  The light flavor is pleasant and almost unnoticeable.  I’ve had increased stamina in my workouts, my running time and endurance levels while running have both improved during this testing out period of Immunage. I had a slight sore throat last week and was worried that I might be catching a cold like everyone else in my family, the sore throat went away in a couple of days.  I’m not 100% sure if all of this was due to the fact I was testing out Immunage, but I definitely think that it contributed.


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