Mayor Kidifornia Video Contest

Visit Carlsbad 08 Hiking

If you haven’t made your video yet for the Mayor Kidifornia Video Contest here are some tips that could help you along the way.

Task at Hand

Create a maximum 1-minute video on what you most enjoy about the city, showing why you should be the Mayor of Carlsbad, Kidifornia.

Steps in the Process

  1. Ask your parent’s permission – Make sure your parents read the Terms & Conditions to participate (no purchase is necessary).
  2. Get ready to film!  
    1. Film the locations and activities you enjoy most within Carlsbad
    2. Don’t forget to bring chargers or anything else you need on the day you record the video.
    3. Add some creativity to the mix by thinking over how you’d like the video to turn out before recording. 
  3. Upload your video before November 12 to Instagram or Facebook, simply with the hashtag #MiniMayorCarlsbad and #VisitCarlsbad, to enter the competition.
  4. Win Big!  The winner will get a package for your family including two nights at West Inn & Suites, dinner for four at Bistro West, lunch for four at Grubby’s and four park passes to LEGOLAND!


Tips for Recording

  1. Keep the camera steady – You don’t want your video to be shaky and unwatchable. Use a tripod or other equipment to keep your camera steady.
  2. Get Close Up, Medium and Wide Shots – Use Zoom button sparingly- Get closer to the subject instead.
  3. Use good lighting – Early Morning and Late Evening (or the so-called “golden hour”) is the time for the best light.  
  4. Be aware of background noise or distortions in the audio
  5. Frame Your Shots as much as possible, use the environment around you the trees, bushes, architecture whatever you can use to surround the subject, creating a frame.

Ideas for Videos

  1. Capture the beauty, greenery and local flora and fauna at the local parks
  2. Waterproof your camera and show off your favorite water fun spots
  3. Focus on the sounds of the city that you love – Fans at the football or baseball game, buzzing bees, the sounds of kids laughter and play at the local park. 
  4. Show off the sites, smells and sounds of the local Farmer’s Market or Street Fairs.
  5. Take a visit to your favorite store or restaurant and show off what you love about it.
  6. Visit some of the local hiking trails or biking trails and record the natural beauty and wonder that surrounds you.

Good luck with your video creations! 



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