10 Things to Include in Your Night Time Routine

Bedtime Routine

Getting a head start on my day the night before helps my mornings run more smoothly, giving me more time and less stress.

Knowing in advance what the day ahead looks like for me, gives me peace of mind and helps me prepare for unexpected surprises and allows me more space for creativity and fun!

I’ve experimented with a lot of night time routines and have found one that works just right for me.

The more routine I have in my life the less I have to think about what needs to be done and a sense of being on autopilot gives me more time to think about things that really matter. Like how to convince my 9-year old that she should start sleeping in her own bed. 😉

Here are 10 Things to Include in Your Night Time Routine.

1. Journaling

In Tim Ferriss’s book “Tools of Titans” Tim explains his 5-minute journaling which I’ve incorporated into my night time routine.
Here’s how it works:
Every night write 3 amazing things that happened that day.
For example, Here are my 3 amazing things.

1. I finished reading “The Law of Attraction” by Abraham Hicks – Highly recommend!
2. I had an amazing and productive meeting with one of my clients.
3. I rocked my morning workout!

Thinking and journaling about 3 amazing things that happened to me today helps me end my day on a positive note.

Next, write down “How I could have made today better”
For me, my day could have gone better had a had better control over eating sugar. ( A real struggle for me which I’m working on overcoming.)

Writing down and reflecting on things you could have done better allows you to take stock of where you may need to make changes and consciously make efforts to increase strength in those areas.

Journaling is very therapeutic for me and I not only journal in the evenings but include some of Tim Ferriss’s tips for my morning journaling as well.

2. Read Non-Fiction

I love this part of my routine as it allows me to take a break from thinking, working and brings a sense of relaxation and calm into my evening.

I usually keep a real book (preferable as I try to disconnect from devices before bed.) or have my Kindle beside my bed for easy reach and a reminder to take a few minutes to let my mind wander off into a new adventure.

3. Disconnect

I don’t check my emails, facebook, or read or watch the news (this one hardly ever, but especially at night.) I keep all electronic devices out of my bedroom as much as possible. This is the moment in the day to make time for myself and relax and unwind for a great night sleep.

4. Plan out or visualize your next day

I make a list of all things I need to accomplish the next day. I include tasks that need to be done for clients, ideas and articles that need to be written for my blog, and I also include personal to do’s such as scheduling the kid’s doctor appointments and what I need to buy at the store. Having this list prepared the night before gives me more peace of mind and allows me to rest better at night.

5. Layout workout clothes and work clothes

I like to workout in the mornings as I know the longer I put it off exercising the more likely I will find an excuse to not do it. If I have my workout clothes ready to go it’s easy for me to not think too much and get it done. After working out I take a shower and get dressed for the day in the clothes I picked out the night before. Even though I work from home, making sure I shower, do my hair and makeup and get dressed for the day makes me feel more awake, alive and confident.

6. Relax Your Eyes

After I’m done reading my non-fiction I like to place a warm lavender scented eye mask over my eyes to make them feel relaxed and pampered. Here is a link to my favorite eye mask that does just the trick!

7. Meditate

This has become part of my evening and morning routine. Clearing my mind and listening to the sound of my breathing has become such a beneficial part of my life. It helps me feel more grounded, more connected to myself and has helped me develop and enhance my own spiritual practice.

8. Place alarm clock across the room

I no longer use my phone as my alarm clock. I went out and purchased a cheap no-frills alarm clock and place it across the room from my bed. This makes me actually have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm and makes it less likely for me to hit the snooze button.

9. Bring a glass of water with you to bed.

Not only with this be handy if you’re feeling parched at night, but it’s also very beneficial to drink water when you first wake up in the morning as your body has become dehydrated overnight and being dehydrated will keep you feeling sleepy. Drinking water first thing upon waking, keeps me feeling more alert and awake. I also drink water before brushing my teeth as it has many health benefits and washes away many germs that have gathered in your mouth at night into the digestive tract.

10. Listen to some soothing tunes

I like to put on some relaxing and unwinding music as I journal and get ready for bed. Music helps me set the mood like nothing else. I feel as if it sends a signal to my brain that it’s time to settle down stop thinking so much and just breathe and relax.

What do you do to prepare for your day ahead?  Let us know in the comments below.

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