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10 Things to Include in Your Night Time Routine

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Tips for Getting Healthy in the New Year + Centrum Giveaway Bag

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I thought I would share with you this important article about how air quality can impact our mental health.  Please let us know your thoughts below.   Written by Sundip Doshi, CEO of AerNos, Inc. Mental health issues today surround us like the air we breathe. I am pretty sure you or someone you know …

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Single Girl Problems

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, if you’re single don’t fret!  Being single can be empowering and holding out for the RIGHT one is better than just being with someone.  Andrea Bain, author of “Single Girl Problems” offers some great advice for those of you who find yourself currently single.    In my search for …

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As I get closer and closer to 40, I see differences in my skins elasticity and the thickness of my hair. When asked to try out Neocell’s beauty products I jumped at the chance.  I was given two products to try, Beauty Bursts and Keratin Hair Volumizer. Neocell Beauty Bursts is made up of Collagen …

Bedtime Routine

Getting a head start on my day the night before helps my mornings run more smoothly, giving me more time and less stress. Knowing in advance what the day ahead looks like for me, gives me peace of mind and helps me prepare for unexpected surprises and allows me more space for creativity and fun! …


Studies are showing that now more than ever kids are more obsessed with perfectionism than previous generations.  What can be done to alleviate these obsessions that are leading to depression and anxiety?  According to Lee Volpe, author of  Black Sheep Tries Bleach: Humorous Stories to Ease Life’s Growing Pains, the answer is laughter. “Making laughter a part …


As the temperatures cool down the workout plan that you used for summer might not be feasible during the winter months because of the cold and unpredictable weather. Finding effective workouts that you are able to easily do from home and involve little to no equipment can be a challenge. Krav Maga, an Israeli developed …

Copy of Soft Winter Lips

Who doesn’t love the holiday season and all the occasions to dress up, hang out with family and friends and sip on eggnog or mulled wine? The problem is, that with a filled glass in one hand and endless trays of finger foods circling the room, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re …


Are you always forgetting to take your vitamins or medications?  Here is a solution for you.  This new OMI Bottle lets you take your water and your vitamins/medications with you anywhere you go.  This stylish looking water bottle has a hidden compartment that allows you to store your vitamins or medications discreetly and easily. Made …

FilterSnap Water Filter

If you have trouble remembering your refrigerator manufacturer’s recommended 6-month replacement schedule (and who doesn’t?), the automatic fridge filter delivery just added to FilterSnap’s air filter subscription service will keep you on track – and also reduce the risk of bacteria and mold growth caused by long delays between refrigerator filter changes.  Simply use the FilterSnap’s fridge …


Age is just a number, sometimes I still feel like I’m in my 20’s.  Looking in the mirror can be a different story.  Fine lines and wrinkles start to set in and it’s sometimes hard to deny that yes, I am getting older. The Solution Immun’Âge is a super- food supplement that was designed to offset …